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While many people today want to see the most extreme websites that are available, there are some sites that are geared towards the lighter side of porn. The AVN award winning X Art is one of those sites. They bill themselves as “Beautiful Erotica”, and they sure try their best to live up to their name.

Now, you will not see a whole lot of creampies or deep throating on X Art, but you will see naturally beautiful women posing for your viewing pleasure. This can be used as a warm up web site if you are trying to work your significant other into modeling or looking at porn with you. While they accept models from just about anywhere, they specialize in America, Europeans, as well as South American women. Do not be fooled, these pictures are still steaming hot and you will get hours of enjoyment. After all, this is not amateur hour or some jackass taking pictures of girls in a grimy motel room.

These are professional models and cameramen that are trying to bring you the highest quality collections of picture on the web. While they focus mostly on pictures, with over ten thousand on the site, they also have video shoots of the women in sensual poses and interacting with one another. So if you want to explore this high quality site, then all you need to do is sign up.

If you can bring yourself to look away from the X Art homepage for just a moment, you will see that there is a join up link. Here, you will see the very fair prices for the high quality work. A two day trial is only $3.95 and a full month will only cost you $19.95. Since you are definitely going to need more time to go over everything in this site, you should consider joining for a full year in order to take advantage of their great discounts. A full year will only cost you less than ten dollars a month. What are you waiting for? Go on to X Art and see the most beautiful women that are on the web.