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Twistys can only be mentioned in the same breath as Playboy and Penthouse. There are more than 4000 models, 1.67 million photos and over 6000 video clips. You can never go wrong with this website because they even update twice a day. You are going to be amazed because the quality of the photos and videos here are awesome. You can add that to the fact that the babes here are awesome.

The Twistys network allow access to seven other websites that would make you horny. The photos can be downloaded in a zip file and the videos can either be streamed or saved so they can be viewed later. There is also an advanced search option in Twistys so you can search for certain sex scenes or even sex positions. Navigation around the website is as easy as pie as you would find the latest update right away. You can also find everything you need in the menu bar which makes everything a whole lot easier.

There is a forum in the website where you can mingle with other Twistys members and gain new friends. It would be a load of fun to know other people who share the same passion which is to masturbate to some hot women. You can also ask questions about the website and some friendly members will certainly see to it that your concerns get addressed. There is also a babe of the month section so you would know who the babe everyone wants to fuck. There are pictures and videos of her as well.

The models section is where you want to be at if you are a long time fan of the website. All the models of the website are listed there plus a small biography not to mention the fact that all her videos and pics are there as well. The photos in the website are some of the finest you will see on the Internet because they are in high definition. They also have a coming soon section devoted to all the things that they expect to put in the website in the not so distant feature.