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A titan in the adult film industry, Digital Playground brandishes more than 450 feature titles together include over 2,600 scenes. One perk of being a titan must be the bustier-bursting bevy of bombshells that DP has popping up and out throughout their site. Some of the biggest names in the porn industry include Jayden Jaymes, Jessie Jane, Kayden Kross and Bibi Jones who are frequently splayed across the webpage. That list was just the tip…of the iceberg I mean. The good people at Digital Playground have sliced their membership prices for a limited time. Digital Playground three memberships levels that will allow you entrance into the playground. Some people only nibble. For this group, they offer a 2-Day Trail membership for $1. The next level is just under 20 dollars. The non-sale price is 33 percent more. The third membership option is a year contract. The cost of a year membership works out to roughly $10 a month.

Recently, Digital Playground’s semi-annual review took place. Our DP ratings were glowing. However, not each criterion received favorable marks. Living in an immediate or almost immediate society, it surprised us to learn that DP does not make video downloads an option. Many members, it can be presumed, will want to have their most succulent scenes and movies available with a click of a button. For some potential members, downloading videos is not high on their list of desired features. Whereas for the rest of the population not being able to download will be a deal breaker.

Perhaps, Digital Playground is working on this addition currently. That aside, readers should know that DP earned maximum points, on nearly all other criteria. Our reviewers were jumping with glee discovering that site updates occur regularly and include time stamps. On average, each site receives a combination of roughly 5 new scenes and features each week. A bonus that will tingle certain places is the behind the scenes with most of their movies and scenes. Seeing favorite stars as they can amuse, bemuse and arouse as much or more than their scene.

Picture quality is another polarizing criterion. Digital Playground soars high on this aspect site evaluation. DP’s picture quality is breathtaking, and the streamed content and the image quality during streaming are consistently good. However, if DP offered Flash along with a few other formats, it would give members more options.