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The DogFart network is one large network that is all about interracial porn and Blacks on Blondes is at the center of it all. There are professional porn stars and amateur ones at Blacks on Blondes doing what they enjoy and that is to fuck the shit out of each other. You are going to get one new episode for every four or five days. Since it takes them some time before they update their website, you can check out the entire DogFart network as they have supplied the rest of their websites as bonus websites.

They have over 20 websites there even though some are not updating as often as they used to. The girls here are not all blondes but at least they ain’t blacks so you are still going to get interracial sex either way. There are currently 599 videos and 599 photo sets at Blacks on Blondes and that number would still grow in the coming years. There is nothing like seeing a blonde eat a giant cock.

The photo sets can be downloaded into a zip file while the new videos are already available in an HD format. Most of the websites in the entire DogFart network consist of interracial porn too. In fact, only two websites in the entire network don’t involve blacks on white chicks. They just do it in different variations so the average porn fan won’t get sick of the same old content.

Blacks on Blondes is one of the oldest interracial adult sites around and they have performers from all walks of life. They even have trannies, teens and amateurs doing stuff they never thought they would be doing. Sometimes, you are going to think the girls here are the ones having it their way since they are having huge black cocks shoved down their pussies. After that, they get to drink their cum and it is not a glorious sight to see. The girls here are so beautiful that you can imagine them being your girlfriend. It is never going to happen though so just get used to watching them perform in the website.

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FTVGirls was born out of a passion for creating a site that offers high rate porn without all the bull! The creators of this site not only wanted a place where lovers of porn can get huge content, but also a place they can get HD quality content. Have the creators succeeded in their mission? Yes, they have.

FTVGirls is short for “First Time Video Girls.” Do not think that the content on this site is all about amateur movies. It is girls who have been filmed before doing sexual stuff, but are now branching into a porn niche they have never done before. Whether this is orgy, hardcore, anal, masturbation, etc, the girls are filmed for the first time doing it (and doing quite well!)

Since 2005 this site has slowly (but steadily) been growing and now has in its repertoire an impressive collection of pics and movies. 1600 plus movies capable of being streamed or downloaded are presented to members. Yes, the movies are in standard HD quality so no fuzzy movies. Also, do not worry about download limit because there is none! (Movie formats; mp4, wmv, flash, avi)

High Resolution pics (3000 by 2000p) in 3200+ pic sets are what you get from FTVGirls. Also, the sets contain around seventy pictures each and zip files for downloads are available. There is a large variety of niche porn for your consideration on this site. Strapons, public sex, lesbians, close ups, insertions, and hardcore scenes are just a small taste of what FTVGirls is all about.

The babes on this site are gorgeous. The scenes are exclusive for a good portion of the content. Once or twice weekly updates keep you in “anticipation mode” of what new sexual material FTVGirls will release.

Membership to this site might not come with bonus sites, but really, who needs them when FTVGirls offers you so much HD content, right? Thumbs up to FTVGirls for coming up with exclusive content, which you can really sink your desires into!

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Many of us know the frustration of looking for a specific movie and not finding it or finding huge complicated process of accessing the movie. Enter VideoBox, undoubtedly the biggest archive of porn movies to be found on the internet! The price tag for accessing the movies on this site is also not so bad.

VideoBox (formerly christened ‘Climax Corner’) packs enough content in terms of DVDs to make any serious porn lover jump up and down in sheer delight. The site boasts of having 15000 DVDs available of the most freaky, naughty, hardcore porn. This is not all, the site continually updates its archives with daily updates contain 6 new movies. Now that will definitely keep anyone busy.

A staggering 88000+ scenes for viewers to download or stream is what makes VideoBox the go to place for any type of porn. The niches covered include POV, anal, amateur, interracial, gonzo, kink, plus many more. The movies come in windows, flash, mp4 formats for easy viewing by the members.

Naturally, some of the movies are not in glorious HD formats but for over 4500 movies, you can experience full HD viewing. The rest of the films still have nice viewing quality. There might not be any pictures on VideoBox, but the mammoth amount of movies is a great consolation prize.

“Any Other Perks?” You Bet There Are.

Incredibly, the site has a feature that allows you to play the part of “Porn Movie Director.” You can edit films to start and stop where you want them. If it is the close-up scene you simply want, edit the film to start and stop exactly at that scene.

There is also the ‘Flow Mode Option’ that allows simultaneous viewing of twenty different scenes. If one particular scene grabs your attention, maximize it full screen and enjoy. The navigation on this site is simply sublime. Sort content by studio, series, performer, or use the list of categories.

VideoBox is a “Content Giant of Hardcore Pornography.” It is vast in its selection of DVDs and really is worthwhile for those looking for a stupendous pornsite to become members.

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People say that witches are wicked. Truth is, not all witches are wicked and it would always depend on what religion or region a witch stems from. But originally, witches, wiccans and wicces are of Pagan roots and their main purpose to fight off those who worship the devil. Why am I telling you this? Because there’s this site that’s just as awesome as the magical prowess of witches. What am I talking about? It’s Wicked Pictures, baby!

A Wicked Entry

If you think XNXX, RedTube, YouPorn, Brazzers, College Rules and a couple other premium sites are the best ones in town, wait till you check this one out. Wicked Pictures is wickedly amazing and I’m saying that in a British accent like Ron Weasley because you know why? It’s so intense! It’s wicked magical like those dirty watches that are actually serving for your safety to enjoy life more. With this site, you get to enjoy all day and all night long watching your soon to be new favorite porn videos! Warning, though, to take things in moderation because like Pringles, once you pop, you may never like to stop. Anyways, this site is purely porn bonanza!

The Juice

Wicked Pictures does not only deliver porn, it delivers up-to-par quality porn. From the littlest details to the major ones, the whole plot, the themes, and the image quality of the videos, all are impeccable. I remember watching this video where a woman shackles her foot to a leg of a steel chair and then starts sucking a young lad’s dick while another bigger dude pierces her ass with a giant dog from aback. It was new, magical, and sexually satisfying, so I came back for more!

The Features

There are over 18,000 HD videos in Wicked Pictures and they are all downloadable. Top it off with images foldered so you can download them zipped as well as a community where you can actually try your luck in finding a sex partner close by.

With Wicked Pictures, all you need is as low as 22 bucks a month. Nothing more, nothing less, but rest assured the experience embodies totally wicked fun. Enjoy!

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They say the best things in life are free. Truth is, that is not true to all. Some of the best things in the world actually come with a price. Good news is, they come in very cheap price tags and Dogfart Networks is hard proof to that.

What is Dogfart Network?

It is a network of amazing porn sites that have been around since the dawn of 21st century porn. The network currently holds 22 sites from an original count of 15. It continues to develop more sites for various porn niches and plans to grow to over 45 sites by mid 2014.

Why Should You Go with Dogfart?

There are numerous reasons why and 20 fingers won’t be enough to list them all. But let me give you my take on this network: It is exceptional. It shimmers with glory with the kind of porn scoop it feeds you everyday. It’s amazing to know that in every visit, you will get something new. Every site of the network has its own web of beautifully explicit content and even the thumbnails of the videos alone can make you drool like a man of nutty bonkers.

What Kind of Videos Do They Serve?

Whatever you like, Dogfart Network has got the right one for you. Are you a fan of cougars? They don’t just serve you cougars on that digital screen, they serve you the hottest, most lascivious, undeniably fuckable ones. Do you love to see woman sucking cocks? Do you miss the feeling of you girlfriend sucking your own? Do you want to watch a girl sucking a giant dick while you and your girlfriend emulates the whole thing? Man, Dogfart has the craziest shit in blowjob history that will really blow your mind. Plus, there are other bizarre stuff like interracial sessions, old man rapes little girl with big pussy, brother fucks lustful sister hard, father gets seduced by daughter and a lot more that you can’t imagine going real.

Talking about price, just draw out $30 for a whole month of subscription of $120 if you want full access and downloading privileges to HD videos, HQ photographs and other cool stuff for an entire year. Go with Dogfart Network to add more color to your sex life.

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Passion HD has the tagline “We shoot the hottest girls with the best cameras”. While they have the highest quality cameras, they also have some of the hottest girls on the web.

They do not limit themselves to a single type of adult entertainment. They have videos of every kind of porn that you can name. Want to see a massage get a bit out of hand? How about a session of meditation that turns into hot, kinky sex? They have it all on this site, and you can be a part of it all. Their site starts with a slide show of some of their most popular and unique videos. Beneath this is a wall of the the highest rated recent videos, all of it show in 1080p high definition.

Right now, they have nearly eight hundred different videos and twice as many independent scenes. Also, all they have over three hundred different girls that are unique to the site. These are not amateur girls, they are the hottest professionals that you will not be able to see on any other site. They have a section of the site dedicated to exploring each girl in depth, complete with a little biography on each one. Another great part about Passion HD is that they have some of the most stringent rules when it comes to submitting work to their site. You will not find a low quality video on this site, that is a guarantee.

So if you are ready to check out some of the best videos on the web, then you need to go to the members area on Passion HD. For one dollar, you can explore the site for an entire day. For $29.95, you will gain full access to the site for a whole month. The deal gets better, though, because a full year will only cost you $10 a month, a sixty seven percent savings over the full price. So head over to Passion HD, and see what the best, highest quality adult entertainment looks like.